Long long time ago, when lights was introduced into the dark

First I must say a big THANK YOU to V.H for providing me the PDF, I really really love your story. A few words to describe this story.
Amazing, emotional, heart wrenching and warming at the same time
I love love love this story so much! Really, I mean seriously the way V.H writes about Evie being so stubborn ( I love and hate how Evie thinks so little of herself but I totally understand there is no fairytale in reality.) And Adam, my god, by the end of the #1, I did somehow feel that Adam is an arrogant ahole who doesn’t deserve Evie. Well, Evie has her own problems/demons to deal with and Adam should have understands the reasons behind. But this time, #2 is so much deeper. I am now looking how different Adam has change for Evie, from start  till end! Just WOAH, I never thought V.H will put Adam and Evie with so many hurdles in #2.
Another part which surprises me more is the kidnapped scene, although that scene is a bit messy and hard to understand the actions but I love how Adam finds his way to help Evie. He really is in love with her and finally can say “I love you” to Evie. What a brilliant ending though I think the ending is missing a little excitement. I mean if comparing the ending of #1 & #2, #1 is a bigger cliffhanger. Maybe V.H should add a few page like a glimpse of #3 ? Maybe a few page POV  from the enemy?
And last, I do think this book deserves a 5 star for sure, I’m in love with Adam and Evie. The story is beautiful enough. Despite there were several minor parts I do not get but the story itself is still beautiful. I am a fan of Evie and Adam, I really hope they can get happy ever after ending. Both of them suffered too much, they deserve to be happy.

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