How innocent can a mafia princess be?

Thanks to the author for providing ARC in exchange for honest review. I really appreciate the author and PR gave me extra time to read this novel.

I must say this is definitely a favorite list of book. I’m giving this book a 5 stars. The story is totally mind blowing!

First, we have Kitty/Kitten/ Caterina. An innocent billionaire’s daughter, age 17. She never ask more then she should know and she is a really good girl. She has always been under her parents protection and this story starts with Kitty going to a private school as a normal person.

On the other end, we have Valentine, a handsome bad boy, who doesn’t fit in any part of this high school. He always has his eyes settle on Kitty. I can tell from the start there is something Valentines is hiding.

As much as I was to spoil more content for you guys, I can’t! Cause I’m still reading but it’s getting good and almost getting to the end.

In the story there’s a lot happened. Something as a reader I expected to read, it happened and something UNEXPECTED, it all happened too! I was chasing for the next page for every page in the book. ( OK, I’m rumbling like Kitty, she always rumbles all her thoughts out.) I really love this story a lot, if there is a cliff hanger, I hope the author will let me have the next ARC for this series. I really enjoy reading about Kitty and Valentine, literally falling for them. This story definitely gave me a roller coaster ride, all the ups and downs, the laughters and heart wrenching feeling. Highly recommended! I need to continue reading now, see you guys next time~

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