It’s like moths are drawn to the flame

Thanks to the author providing ARC in exchange of honest review.

Whenever I hear there is a book by Natalie Bennett, there are three things I think. One, I wonder what topic will this story be?

Two, how dark does she goes this time?

Three, I pray for fewer grammar mistakes.

This is the things I can relate to Natalie Bennett, her stories I’ve always love to read bu there are like tons of mistakes inside. This time…let’s call it an improvement.

The story itself is dark enough. A little girl who never knew how the world really works. She is sick that’s what her mother said. A seed of sickness that keeps on growing.

Declan and Ethan are the other two characters who consider as sick too, not normal. Somehow there’s an attraction between them and Helena.

I don’t know how to explain the feeling I have for this book. It’s Natalie Bennett, it’s won’t be that bad, right? Yes, I agree. I won’t say it’s bad but there were parts I found too long and dull. The story itself is interesting and dark enough, it’s really sick. I’m only giving 4.2 stars this time, some parts are too long and boring. But I like the idea of how sick the girl is and the three of them turns out.


Kinky Desires

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